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Welcome to Game Account Sales

Welcome to Game Account Sales Com, where you can buy and sell the accounts of Android and iOS Strategy Games which continue to challenge and be enjoyed by millions of players around the world.

The aim of the site is simple, a single interface to allow mobile game players to sell a game account which they wish to find a new home for, their reasons for selling are various, maybe boredom with a game they may have spent hundreds even thousands of hours playing and enjoying and investing in, over time spending money to expand the games features, resources and assets.

There may be financial or personal reasons for disposing of what too many is a valuable game account. Our aim is to help account sellers get the quickest and best deal from our growing membership, many of whom are keen and willing buyers with ready money to invest.

For buyers, we offer the chance to acquire a much advanced version of the game they already own and play on their mobile device, but want a quick upgrade of the games resources, saving countless hours and expense.

Some members just want to trade games making a profit by reselling games, member can opt to WATCH for new listings of the game account they want, or browse current listings. Deals can be struck quickly dependent on individual members needs and wants, either as seller or buyer.

This is not a bidding or auction site, nor do we buy or sell games, we carry no advertising and will not contact you with other offers or sell your email address.

Instead, we provide a simple interface to trade Mobile Strategy Game Accounts which can be worth whatever buyers and sellers can agree is fair. Trading is done in GBP £, but our online calculator lets you see the value in your own currency.

The site is designed to be simple, and easy to both understand and use, all you need to do is register for free and then either add a game account for sale, or browse/search for an account to suit your current mobile gaming needs.

Communications between buyer and seller is confidential via our internal messaging system, and once a deal is struck we hold the buyers payment in ESCROW pending completion of the sale.

Learn more in our ABOUT US page and FAQ and if you have any queries, or suggestions CONTACT US.

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