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This web site is based on the collective knowledge and experience of 4 of the Clarke family residing in England UK, father Maurice is the web developer wizard and 3 of his sons are into gaming in various ways.

Eldest son Mike and Peter came up with the concept in April 2021 and asked their father Maurice for advice and suggestions based on his, over a decade of successful web site development. Youngest son Mark came onboard once the development was underway and here we are today, looking forward to expanding the sites features and membership worldwide.

Mike had bought and sold a few mobile game accounts and had seen the problems and issues involved so thought there was, and should be a better way. Together with Peter he developed the concepts principals and did some market research and concluded there was a need for their service.

Sure there are zillions of sites selling games and accessories but Game Account Sales Com is aimed at a niche part of the games market, the plan is to do a good job for the sites members, keeping deals clear cut, legal and ethical.

Over 7 billion people own a mobile phone worldwide, and 17 million UK people are doing mobile gaming, statistics show women play more than men and for longer!

We are a community with a simple aim, join us, tell your gaming chums and come back from time to time, see our FAQ area for answers to most queries. Or you can CONTACT US if you want more info, have queries, or want to make suggestions.

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